Celebrate Inc, a non-profit organization, is proud to present OUT OF THE SHADOWS THEATER.  It is Celebrate Inc's goal to provide adults with special needs the opportunity, tools, and support to explore, experience and excel at performance arts and the fine arts.

About Us

The Magic

All of our actors are accompanied during rehearsals and performances by a non-disabled shadow actor who offers support, prompting and encouragement

Quality Productions

Our actors are the masterpiece. We are thrilled to have the gift of time and talent from other theater companies, seasoned professionals and newcomers, all dedicated to creating a beautiful frame for the picture!

Donations from businesses and individuals make it possible for us to rent, build and transport costumes, sets, materials, technical equipment, etc.


Become a shadow actor! Build sets!  Be part of the stage crew!  Help backstage, onstage and in the lobby.  We have plenty of ways that you can be a part of the fun -  for the duration of rehearsals or just a night or two during performances.  Contact us to find out where you might want to step up!


We are . . .

We are professional actors, directors, costumers, set designers and builders.  Stage managers, musical directors, and propspeople, lighting and sound people.  

We are parents and caregivers who have sons and daughters with special needs.  Neighbors and friends, aunts and cousins, therapists and teachers who have never before been involved in theater.

 We share the belief that performances art is for everybody.





As the son of an actress, my son was dragged to countless auditions, rehearsals and performances.  He worked backstage, bringing water to the actors and helping in front of house.  

One night, during an audition, I looked into the nearly empty theater  and saw my son - ever supportive, never complaining, sending encouraging vibes.  And then I heard a silent voice say, "When is it my turn?"

In that moment my heart broke.  How had I missed this?  I couldn't say "I don't know", because I did know.  His turn was whenever I made it happen.




I turned to the theater community who knew my son and have lovingly embraced him for years.  And they rose to the occasion!  Without a single nickel of financial support, I launched Out of the Shadows Theater, prepared to take the hit if it flopped.  But in my heart I knew it wouldn't.  I knew our actors would astonish their audience.  I knew the community would respond with optimism, support and goodwill.

We had financial donations, in-kind donations, and volunteers.  People simply began to believe it would  happen.



It was November, 2016. Twenty-four actors and twenty-four shadow actors stepped on the stage at the KROC CENTER, Coeur d'Alene, ID for their first production - "Beauty and the Beast Jr."  For most, it was their first time in a performance theater.  First time for sets, costumes, make-up, sound, lights, and theater seats. It was distracting, intimidating, scary. It was . . . rough. But we had decided at the beginning of our journey together to celebrate whatever our actors brought us. 

And then, twenty-four hours later, the second night of hell week. Three days until opening night. It was the most astonishing transformation ever.  It all clicked.  It was magnificent. This group of inexperienced actors were suddenly a theater company. They pulled it together in true theater magic fashion.

The 400 seat theater filled rapidly and there was a friendly buzz.  Nobody had any idea of the treat in store.  The lights dimmed, the audience silenced.

For the next hour the audience laughed and cried, their emotions soared from pride to utter joy.  Expectations were surpassed and everyone, audience, production team, actors and shadows shared in the most incredible performance.

The curtain call, oh, it was magnificent! Two bars into the finale and, with near total synchronicity, the audience rose from their seats, exploding with overwhelming emotion.  There were three curtain calls with applause that was sustained for a full, incredible, 5 minutes.